Costa Rica Yoga, Surf, & Adventure Vacation


Yoga with michael Johnson at Nosara Beach Yoga Retreat


Daily yoga classes onsite with Michael Johnson in his signature Bhakti Flow style. This creative and uplifting yoga class is guaranteed to make you sweat and open your heart.  Combine a sweet powerful soundtrack, a fluid mindful flow, and a moving meditation, and you’ve got a class that is perfect for those who want to take their yoga beyond physical limitation and into the realm of divine inspiration.

**Open to all levels of practitioner 

Surfing with Nosara Beach Yoga Retreat


Walking distance from your accommodations, Playa Guiones & Playa Pelada are sublimely beautiful jungleside beaches which have recently gained notoriety with traveling surfers and yogis in the know.. You have access to surfboard rentals & beginner-advanced lessons with a local surf school as part of your Nosara Beach vacation package.

Horseback riding tour with Nosara Beach Yoga Retreat

horseback riding

A horseback tour with Playa Ponies is a very special adventure indeed! Starting on the jungle trails that flank the Nosara River, you pass through a wildlife reserve on your way down to Boca Nosara where the inland river meets the open ocean.  This is a very special way to experience a true up-close and personal interaction with the incredible wildlife of the Guanacaste jungle and is included in your Nosara Beach vacation package.  

Zipline canopy tour with Nosara Beach Yoga Retreat

zipline canopy tours

Set amidst the unequalled beauty of a Costa Rican forest wilderness, this is the longest, most exhilarating canopy tour in the world!  Via zipline, you will traverse majestic mountain ridges and valleys, soar high above multiple ravines, and take in breathtaking vistas of rivers, waterfalls and the Pacific Ocean.
Suitable for nature lovers, adventurers, families and all who wish to experience the ultimate canopy tour adventure; the experience of a lifetime is also part of your Nosara Beach vacation package.



Each day, you will have the chance to spend some time gently drifting in the surf as you explore the undersea world of the Nicoya Peninsula. This area has a variety of wondrous snorkeling destinations that you will have opportunity to explore as part of your Nosara Beach vacation package. Turtles, parrot fish, trigger fish, and a huge range of colorful tropical fish await anyone who dives in.


Daily meditation

Jay will lead participants in a daily meditation practice designed to settle in the fine space between future and past.  As we focus on present moment awareness, we learn to master our response to stimulus. By compassionately and consistently reminding ourselves  that this this the place we function best, we rediscover our innate mental agility


kirtan~mantra music

Join Amah & Michael for an evening of singing empowering mantras for inner alignment and world peace. This is a special Bhakti yoga practice--an uplifting, call and response form of singing that is becoming increasingly popular throughout the world as westerners discover its engaging and healing effects.